This year we’ve made sure to bring some of the best teachers who surely have a lot to say & present! Each of them with their unique style and big experience are coming to TEACH YOU GUYS! We hope that you are excited ‘cos we as hell are!

We have created a schedule to make sure that you can participate in our dance camp even though you have school responsibilities or work! So, the camp lasts for 9 days, starting from 11th of November – 20th of November, but the main workshops (for those who cannot skip work/school) will be during weekends. The first weekend we have our national teachers, and the second weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday + Monday) we have our International Teachers. We did it this way so that you can choose to either participate at everything or maybe only in some of the classes!


Now something about the workshops!
The first weekend we’ll have our national teachers:

*Ivana Balabanova
*Leonardo Huseini
*Martin Ivanov
*Dejan Bitrovski
*Save Isirova
*Stefani Pecalevska
*Ana Marija Temelkovska
*Jana Petrovska

These classes are really special, because during each class, the teachers will score the students and those who would have the highest score at the end will perfrom at the Grand-Finale and WIN a 500 EUR Prize for a CAMP OF THEIR CHOICE!

The second weekend we have our INTERNATIONAL TEACHERS:
First on the list we would present Mr. Jun Quemado, who has a broad experience in dancing and teaching and he will have x4 workshops just with you!
Second is the young and talented Franklin Yu, who comes from the USA and happened to be director of one of the best dance groups ACA.
Lisa Riabinine is the only girl at our dance camp this year, but there is WHY! She used to be part of the well-known gorup I.aM.mE.cReW which participated in the show ABDC (America’s Best Dance Crew). This girl has a very unique and avant garde style which cannot pass unnoticed.
Next is Adrien Rako. The man who is one of the best choreographers we’ve ever seen. His talent was noticed by the Urban Dance CaThere is not a professional dancer in this world who haven’t heard about the two times World Champion but not on any other championship than “Juste Deboute”. This man is the top of his class and he eats, he breathes, he sleeps FREESTYLE SPIRIT!

Last year we’ve seen some of the best dancers in our country on the floor!
This year we are eager to see all of you who will compete TO WIN A FREE BEATRIX DANCE LEAGUE 5!

Your JUDGES will be:
UKAY (2 times World Champion – Juste Deboute Germany & France),
Lisa Riabinina (I.aM.mE.cReW) &
Adrien Rako

We start with qualifications where everyone has x1min entry.
After the qualifications by randomized choice you dance vs. your competitor.
In each round, every dancer has x2 entries x1min.
The semi-finals and finals are danced on beat-box created by our beatboxer.


This year we’ve added something special for those stars who still didn’t manage to get a chance to shine! We believe in you and in your creativity! You can do it!
The competition starts NOW!
Post a video of your choreography on Instagram with #beatrixdanceleague #BDL4 and find yourself among the 5 best choreographers who will showcase in front of the judges!
They will choose the winner and he will teach at our next Beatrix Dance League and to have his name written among in the line-up with all the other international teachers! Worth the try, m?


Last year we heard some amazing freestylers during our MC’ing competition. We are so happy that the old way of doing it is still TURNT UP! This stage is one of our favorites because it presents the real spirit of the hip-hop culture! Plus, the winner will get a good prize from our sponsors! So, all of you, who feel ready to participate this year, we challenge you to APPLY NOW!

We start with qualifications where everyone x1min entry.
After the qualifications, by randomized choice you freestyle vs. your competitor.
In each round, every MC has x2 entries x1min.